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2012th Festival Hello and welcome to our website for the Donaghadee 2012th Ulster-Scots Festival. Here you will find details of the Festival programme, competitons and also details of the North Down Annual Boyne Anniversary Parade. The parade itself is organised by Blue Banner Total Abstinence LOL 781, Donaghadee under the auspices of Upper Ards District LOL 11. The Festival which was planned to coincide with the parade is organised by Donaghadee Community Partnership who have worked closely with all the local Orange Lodges in the town, No Surrender LOL 241, Blue Banner Total Abstinence LOL 781, Brother Henry Ferguson Memorial LOL 836 and Womens LOL 57. The Festival runs from the 6th to the 12th July 2012 and there are a number of events we hope everyone will enjoy. Donaghadee is often referred to as the cradle of Ulster-Scots, as it was in Donaghadee where Hugh Montgomery landed in 1606 to settle the northern part of County Down with Scottish immigrants, four years before the Ulster plantation proper in 1610.

With Donaghadee hosting the Boyne Anniversary Celebrations this year, referred to locally as "The 12th" we felt it was a good opportunity to hi-light the important role that Donaghadee has played in our countries history, to the large number of people who will visit the town throughout the "12th" period and also give them a greater appreciation of Ulster-Scots culture and history. We also hope that it will give local people more of an appreciation of not only their towns history and encourage them to explore it more for themselves, but also the significant role it has played in the development of the Ulster-Scots people and heritage.
We are very proud of Donaghadee and hope that visitors will take the time to explore what our town has to offer, there are a number of historical sites as well as fine restaurants, cafes, shops as well as many places you can just sit and enjoy the view across the sea to the Copeland Islands, Co. Antrim and on a clear day Scotland. Whatever you choose to do we hope you take the time to attend our Festival and enjoy your time in Donaghadee.

We would like to thank the following people, organisations and business's for their letters of support for the 2012th Ulster-Scot Festival. Your support is much appreciated and was very helpful during the funding application process.

  • No Surrender LOL 241, Donaghadee
  • Blue Banner Total Abstinence LOL 781, Donaghadee
  • Bro. Henry Ferguson Memorial LOL 836, Donaghadee
  • Donaghadee Historical Society
  • Shore Street Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee
  • Beechfield Residents Association, Donaghadee
  • The Captains Table, Donaghadee
  • Maritime Jewellers, Donaghadee
  • Cafe Manor, Donaghadee
  • Grace Neill's Bar, Donaghadee
  • The Cabin, Donaghadee
  • Jim Shannon, DUP, MP
  • Alderman Gordon Dunne, DUP, MLA
  • Councillor Peter Weir, DUP, MLA
  • Councillor Alex Easton, DUP, MLA
  • Stephen Agnew, Green Party, MLA
  • Alderman Ronnie Ferguson, UUP, Councillor Ards Borough Council
  • Councillor Linda Cleland, Alliance Party, Councillor Ards Borough Council

We would like to thank Ards Borough Council and their staff for their help and advice, as well as the PSNI who were also on hand to offer advice when needed. Special thanks must go to Jim Murdock, Good Relations Officer for Ards Borough Council whose help, support and advice was invaluable during the planning for the event. Orgnaising the Festival has taken a lot of planning and a lot of hard work, a job which was made was made even harder when we were eventually notified on the 8th June that we were unable to secure funding from the Ulster-Scots Agency.

Donaghadee Community Partnership

Donaghadee 2012th Ulster Scots Festival has been kindly funded by :

DCALArds Borough CouncilArds TourismOFMDFM


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Events Summary

Jenny Bristow's Ulster Scots Cookery Master Class - Friday 6th July - Find Out More
Ulster Scots Cultural Day Featuring Willie Drennan's Ulster Scots Band - Saturday 7th July - Find Out More
Annual Divine Service for Donaghadee local Orange Lodges - Sunday 8th July - Find Out More
Annual Boyne Anniversary Parade with Lodges from four local Districts, Upper Ards, Bangor, Ards & Holywood - Thursday 12th July - Find Out More
Music & Historical Re-Enactment Featuring Willie Drennan & North Irish Dragoon Society - Thursday 12th July -
Find Out More